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Building a Septic Tank System

A septic tank is a large underground tank that is mostly installed in many rural areas that lack an underground sewer system. Its main work is the treatment of sewage as well as household waste. Typically, solid matter will sink to the bottom of a septic tank while liquid waste will flow off to an […]

When You Can Avoid Paying Income Tax on a Forgiven Mortgage

  As discussed in “Strategies for Avoiding Foreclosure”, if you sell your home in a short sale or return it to your lender by providing a deed in lieu of foreclosure, you still could be responsible to pay income tax on the forgiven mortgage. Historically, forgiven debt (also known as cancellation of debt income or […]

Lenders Should Take Careful Note of Potential Vulnerabilities Exposed in TOUSA Decision

  The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit issued its much anticipated decision in the TOUSA, Inc. bankruptcy cases on May 15, 2012.  The decision provides an ominous reminder to Lenders to carefully assess the value of accepting asset pledges or guarantees from borrowers’ subsidiaries, sometimes referred to as upstream guarantees.  TOUSA […]

What Is Collaborative Divorce West Springfield

Family Law Attorney The divorce process known as “collaborative divorce” is a variation on the concept of attorney-assisted mediation. Before I explain how the collaborative divorce process works, a few words about the genesis of this process will be helpful.Why did the process of collaborative divorce develop? The concept of collaborative divorce is generally credited […]

Documents Needed for a Divorce Investigation About Hidden Assets

  A divorce lawyer or investigator usually will need the following documentation in order to begin an investigation into hidden assets: Financial disclosures Tax returns Bank statements Check registers Financial disclosures Typical divorce procedures require that a divorcing couple disclose their assets and liabilities.  These disclosures serve as the starting point in any financial investigation […]

Child Custody

  When parents divorce, answering the question “Who gets the kids?” is often an emotional and draining one. There are different types of custody, but the court always grants custody based on the best interests of the child. There are also many issues that may arise when deciding custody, such as legitimization in the case […]

Prenuptial Agreements

          Has there ever been a better time to have a prenuptial agreement?  The divorce rate remains at around 50% (although recent surveys have shown a decline); overall wealth is shrinking; businesses are failing and laying off workers in droves; domestic violence is increasing.  Couples that are faced with divorce in this current climate are […]