Child Custody


Child Custody


When parents divorce, answering the question “Who gets the kids?” is often an emotional and draining one. There are different types of custody, but the court always grants custody based on the best interests of the child. There are also many issues that may arise when deciding custody, such as legitimization in the case of a child born out of wedlock and grandparent visitation. The Branch Law Firm is experienced in all matters relating to child custody, even fathers’ rights. When it comes to child custody issues, you’ll find a knowledgeable and skilled law firm.

Statesboro Child Custody Lawyer

Temporary custody is de facto custody; it refers to the parent who actually has custody of the child at the time of divorce. In order the formalize custody, a motion for Pendent Lite must be filed with the court. There is also a hearing for temporary custody. Attorney Elizabeth Branch can assist you with the process.

Sole custody refers to the parent who has the child living primarily with them, and the child only has one primary residence. Split custody is when there are two children, and each resides with one separate parent. With joint custody, both parents actually share and control the rearing of children, and the child may have one or two primary residences. For example, the child may have one residence but live with the other parent on a rotating basis. Statesboro Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

When couples cannot agree on child custody issues, mediation is an option in Georgia. A mediator is assigned to help couples identify issues, facilitate a series of discussions and reach an agreed resolution. The mediator’s role is neutral. They are not there to take sides, but to bring both sides together. The Law Branch Firm can act as your advisor during the mediation process and even review agreements before you sign them. They are there to protect your rights.

Traditionally, courts did favor the biological mother when it came to custody. However, the courts have now recognized the value of the role fathers play in child upbringing. At a Statesboro fathers’ rights lawyer, attorney Elizabeth Branch is a strong advocate of the rights of dads.

In cases where a mutual agreement cannot be reached, litigation may be the only other alternative. Attorney is both an experienced and powerful litigator. Let her skills work for you. She will gather all the documentation necessary, take depositions from witnesses and work in the best interests of the child and family.



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